Thursday, 28 November 2013

Flag Ceremony

As the first student from New Zealand to attend UAF, I had to do a speech in front of about 10 people.

Its not the Bush Telegraph:

UAF SunStar


  1. So the promise of ice cream (including a dairy-free option) did not drag in the punter then?

  2. Considering how cold it is there at the moment I think they may have done better if they had broken out the BBQ and had a sausage sizzle - Maybe that could be a NZ tradition you could start in the far north Kathryn.

  3. I have to admit there was a few more than 10 people there. The chancellor was there, along with the head of athletics (word got out there was a nanook speaking) and my own cheer squad. The ice cream is what drew them I think, however I would have appreciated a good ol' hangi or something.