Thursday, 13 February 2014

"Welcome back to the actual part of the country that matters"

A friendly comment from my American cousin.
Were down in Los Angeles for Conference champs, the final wrap up for the year. Its a 4 day meet with 11 schools and about 300 swimmers. The last chance to qualify for nationals in a month.

We arrived here on Monday evening, via Seattle, where it was raining surprise surprise!

We had a short layover, around 45 minutes. It was just enough time to get a photo by the winning team statue. Go Hawks!

First taste of California since we were here a month ago was rush hour traffic. We made it to the hotel in about an hour, only because the car was red, and everyone knows red cars are faster!
Then we had dinner at a pie place. But no pies for us until Saturday night though!
We are racing today (Wednesday) and you can check up on us from the SwimPhone website.
Also, if you get sick of my blogs, you can check out what the other girls have to say. The media guy has come with us, and so he will be taking heaps of photos and compiling a blog from our adventures.
Alaska Nanooks Swimming Blog

1000 and 800 free relay for me this afternoon.

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