Saturday, 31 August 2013

Driving American Style

Today I let Dad take the wheel of the pick up. Here are few things we have noticed about driving in Fairbanks.

So this is a map of the town. The yellow are highways. Everything is so spread out.
You'll notice down the middle of the road is a lane with yellow on both sides. This is like a flush median like on rangatiki and tremaine in Palmy, but they are in every street.
We counted 15 other pick ups before we saw an actual car.
Petrol/ gas is $3.90 per gallon, don't know what it converts to in NZD or how much a gallon is but that's what it is.
A cool road rule is that you can turn right on a red traffic light. That goes for all of the US.
Apart from going round the roundabout anti clockwise Dad is getting the hang of it.

To any ice road trucker fans (this is for you cousin James) the Carlile trucking yard. To those of you that have watched the show, a big shout out to Bret from Big Rays who taught me about snow gear today. He'll have heaps of show boots coming in October so check it out!

The best photo was:

Lucky Dad has his heavy trucking license.

Points for anyone that can guess what Michaels sells. 

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