Monday, 27 January 2014

Cal Baptist

Over the weekend we had our final home meets for the season. The girls from Califorina Baptist came up. Its cute when the californian teams come up because unless your from Alaska or somehwere snowy, you dont know uggs are not a good footwear choice. On the morning of day two one of the girls slipped and busted up her knee. Lesson learnt the hard way!
Anyway, it was not a good outcome for the Nanooks. While the other team was shaved and tapered (wearing proper racing togs and well rested for racing) we are in the midst of some tough training. Many pool records fell, mostly to Cal. Although in a few races both Alaska and Cal baptist went under the old record.
I had a pretty full schedule three races both days. day one 500,200 and 800 fr relay. Day two 1650, 500 and 200 fr relay. I came out with a few second places and a win in the 800 relay.
The real test comes in Feb when we head down to LA again for conference champs.  

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