Thursday, 5 September 2013


 I have completed my 8th hour of international student orientation over two days. It covered taxes, insurance, cultures shock, there was free food and lots of Canadians who I bet were so bored.
After that it was the day for athletes to get their photo taken, physicals and we had a team meeting.
There will he a head shot and page coming up soon, (I'll post the link to that). Physicals were an eye test, check you heart and lungs and shoulder and knee muscles, nothing hard or interesting.
Got my blood taken for testing. Some of the athletes get low on vitamin D in the winter (who would have guessed!) lots of the food has added vitamin D especially for this though, it's just to make sure. But I didn't cry and I got a cool plaster and a nice box :)

Team meeting was going over expectations for the season and we got a booklet with times to aim for, info about nutrition, stretches interesting sports articles. This will be a great resource.
At the ncaa compliance meeting they check to make sure you understand all the thing required of a student athlete. There are a lot more forms to sign and a big booklet to read. 

It was a pretty busy day but tomorrow is where the action starts! Thursday are classes and first practise is 5.30. So I'd better get to bed.

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