Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Swimming Life

Here's an update for all the swimmers back home. Last week was the first full twenty hour week. Every morning starts at 5.30, what a sleep in! We do stretches and get split up into lanes where each lanes focusses on a certain race. For Kathryn that is a mixture of 200,500, 1000 and the mile. Sometimes for a change, the 400 IM.

Its cool doing fast as times. I can do 200s on a send off like 10-15 seconds faster than I could back at kiwi. We did a dive start 50 and I went two 26.5s. The weird thing is doing 500s instead of 400s and 100s on the 1.20 are pretty easy.

Coach Scott invented fist gloves. Funny feeling at first, but gets you to focus on pulling with the rest of your arm, not just your hand. Once you take them off, it feels awesome to swim fast easily. Fist Gloves

Just like they drive, we all swim up the right hand side of the lane. But the side lane is not so bad because the water comes right up to the wall so you don't hit your hand. It used to be a diving pool so one end is super deep. Scott likes the pool to be cold because he swims in it himself. It has been around 27, which is a bit colder than home, but the goal temp is around 24-25. No time for standing around at training because you get cold.

As much as I love Andrew's playlist, Its much better to have the girls pick out some songs from this century :). Theres an underwater speaker so you can hear listen to music when your doing warm up.

Got some more new gears as well.

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