Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chena Riverboat

Here is a bit of education for ya'll.
The river boat discovery is a family run business that takes you down the Chena river. Its a huge paddle steamer boat with three storeys.


We saw these planes take off and land on the water. Along the way there were about 5-6 docked up by people's houses. (the rich people can afford to live on the river bank)

The sled dogs that compete in the Iditarod race. 1,100 miles up through Alaska. Learnt some of the calls "hock" for left and "gee" for right. What do you think Dad? Would that work for our dogs?

In this hes going about 30kms but when they race the Iditarod, they hold about 13-16 km/hr. Or just turn the motor on?

Caribou, apparently they are basically wild reindeer.

This lady showed us how to cut and dry salmon.

They let us off at the Chena village, a native Indian village. There were a lot of tourists, I felt right at home.

Up close with the dogs and their trainer. This guy looks like my dog Emma, just maybe double or even triple the size. This team of dogs have part Border Collie in them, I guess they why they also win.

Back on shore theres a forty below room I had to check out. Ive got to prepare myself for the months ahead.

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