Friday, 6 September 2013

First day of class and practise

Alarm set for 5.05am. On deck by 5.30. Stretches, warm up. We did strength tests like push ups and sit ups to test base fitness.
Dad headed home today. He had a great time checking out the sites in fairbanks, he was evening finding his own way around! Now he has a stop over in HNL poor thing.
First class was business, got a syllabus outlining every assignment, every week of class and how the class is graded. Lots of it is weighted on class participation. Only 45% comes out of the two tests we take.

2nd practise was fun relays and they were pretty fun believe it or not. 
Next was a pre test for calc,grab some more food then a floor meeting for the dorm. Turns out not everyone are athletes on the floor, but they all seem like a cool bunch of girls.
So it was a pretty busy day, sorry this is more of run down with nothing really interesting.
But I did learn where the coffee was at breakfast this morning so all is good. Note to self, go places with sophomores and they can teach you lots of tricks about the campus.