Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I have learnt some new things, mostly outside the classroom so far. call it dinner, not tea. laundry, not washing and trash, not rubbish. It's also best to say the time like a digital clock ( 9.45 not quarter to ten) I don't know why, some people get it but in the concussion test I had to do she asked me the time and I said "awww about 20 past 9" I got a strange look from the testing lady.

Slowly getting back into the hang of school after about 8 months. reading, writing, listening, all that good stuff. I had to buy a new folder because they are different to ours.

Three holes, who knew?

The weather is not as bad as it is back home. Yesterday there was a bit of sunstrike.

And today it rained.

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