Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Just some things I've noticed:

Cars all around here can be so beaten up, in New Zealand they wouldn't be road worthy with a crack right through the windscreen or ply wood for a front bumper. The trucks have their snow tires on the back ready for the first snow which should come around November.
The campus has a similar feel to Massey in PN, but a lot bigger. There is an upper and lower campus but most of my buildings are on the lower, including the food and my hostel. At 40 below that will be a big advantage and also now since I don't have to walk up and down the hill all day.
Buildings are so hot inside, I think around 25 or so. Outside it can be about 5 so you need a sweatshirt and pants to go outside but as soon as you get in, it is shorts and t shirt.
Coffee is everywhere for you to make yourself, every meeting and nearly every store as well. Milk is called cream and there are flavoured milks usually as well, like hazelnut, vanilla, etc.
I've met some new people, Cj from LA, an Australian, chris from Canada, and girl off the biggest pig farm in Alaska.

Last night Fred Meyer sale starting a midnight. Free corn dogs, DJ and bargains galore.


  1. How big is the biggest pig farm in Alaska, 5?

  2. There's bacon for breakfast lunch and dinner. So maybe more than 5 to keep up with demand.